Report a Sighting

To report a sighting, just e-mail me at

Please provide your name and where you live (town, state) and, as best you can, try to answer these specific questions.  If we publish your report we would like to include your name and town but will omit your e-mail address, phone number, and other such information.  Let us know if you don’t want me to include your name (or even initials).
Your e-mail address or phone number, if we want to contact you.
Where did this panther sighting or event take place? (town or township, state)
Did you witness something yourself or hear about it from someone else?
What did you see (or hear or find)? Did you investigate, measure tracks, try to follow?
As best you can, tell when it happened. (date, time of day).
Please describe the location so someone could find it again.
What behavior did you witness? (running, sitting, chasing, hiding)
What direction was it traveling? (compass direction, or uphill, toward water, etc.)
Was anyone else with you? To whom did you report it? What did they say?
What else do you want to add?

I will try to reply soon after I see your message.  If you believe the animal is still nearby and you want to call me directly, the number is 207-794-0268.


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