Not every excursion or experience I’ve guided has been a grand success.  But everyone takes something lasting and important from it.

Planning ahead is the key, with a sense of adventure and an eye for safety and comfort.  No trip into the middle of nowhere is without hazards, and no such trip is guaranteed to meet all your hopes.  The hazards are probably not what you think they would be, but we know what they are, and the adventure is that something will surely happen that you will remember fondly — even if it’s only the lull of lapping waves in the stillness of an intensely dark night scented with wood smoke, without streetlights or traffic or electronic interruptions.

Maybe a mobility issue or cognitive impairment has made a remote wilderness experience seem impossible.  Maybe your objective isn’t to catch 25 bass in one day or shoot a 14-point buck.  Maybe you’d just like to relax in a canoe, find a fossil in the woods, shiver next to a campfire, pick blueberries yourself, shoot a can off a fencepost, or see a moose face to face.

Maybe these are your wishes not for yourself but for someone close to you.

We have the experience to make a trip into the Maine wilderness a memorable event.

With an intense focus on planning for every trip and safety preparation, we are also well-acquainted and well-connected with the medical resources in the region, also Inland Fisheries and Wildlife authorities (e.g., game wardens), police and sheriff departments, and regional search and rescue services.

Whatever your interest and intent for a guided trip in Maine, and whether it’s possible to meet your intentions — (wildlife, weather, and even our own bodies are fickle about letting us do what we set out to do) — the experience will be as entertaining and educational as you want to make it.

When we’re on a trip I teach as much as you want to know about what we’re doing and why.  We have a few stories that you never heard before.  And if you get nothing out of it except shivers, sneezes, scrapes, and scares, and if you never again want to set foot beyond where the pavement ends, you will have learned something and will have enjoyed it.