What do you want to see or do in the Maine wilderness? Maybe we can help you do it and make it memorable. ++ Specializing in making it possible, especially for those who thought it wasn’t. ++ We are skilled in assisting people who have cognitive and physical limitations.

Woodbury Guide Service is offered by Registered Maine Guide David A. Woodbury of Lincoln, Maine.   This site brings together a range of information, anecdotes, and comments arising from my years as a guide, wildlife biologist, and naturalist.  See the useful links about black flies, about fishing around Lincoln, Maine, also about the eastern panther, and more to be added.  We are also on Shutterfly.

Maine, as seen through a guided trip, is not some re-creation or relic of a distant past.  It brings you to the way some people choose to live, or live close to, today.  The way some of us live is not available on an everyday basis to those living in an urban environment, but an urban environment isn’t the way everyone chooses to live.

I am licensed to guide excursions in hunting, fishing, and recreation.  But the Guide is only part of the operation.  This is a family affair.  We have extensive experience making the out-of-doors accessible and real for those already close to our hearts who have limited mobility or limited cognitive ability.  We specialize in offering guided wilderness activities specially customized for people needing accommodation.

As a firearms hunter education instructor, I deliver the required 12-hour training course for individuals applying for a first hunting license.  Courses currently offered around the state are found at Maine’s site for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

At 18, I nearly severed my right index finger at the palm.  That ruined a planned career as a classical pianist.  Once healed, I volunteered for a stint in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam disagreement, which provided advanced training in Russian and experience as a cryptanalyst.  (I was a Russian student in college before joining.)  When I resumed college, I completed a B.S. in Wildlife Management at the University of Maine.  After college I spent 23 years at Great Northern Paper Company and 13 years in health care, also working as a freelance Registered Maine Guide, following the lead of my cousin, Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby who, in 1897, was issued Maine Guide license #1 after she lobbied the Maine legislature to set some standards for guides.  As a result, by the time I came along and tested for the license, Maine had established the most rigorous testing in the country.

Born in Florida but raised in Lima, Ohio, and in Farmington, Maine, I am immersed in hobbies from model railroading to beer making and from woodworking to collecting historical documents.  I like to read the classics such as O. Henry and Dickens, non-fiction by authors such as Simon Singh and John McPhee, and the works of the early Christian theologians, who add dimension to a life of faith.  (See this list of my favorite books.)

With all of these interests to support it, I find that writing comes easily. DamnYankee.com is devoted to all of my published work.

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