…although it seems some do, and do it well.  Generally, though, one who only hunts bear with beagles may tell you he doesn’t do canoeing.  Someone else guides ice climbing expeditions and admits she’s not one for insect hunting.

I’m not the one to go to for some things, either.  (See below.)  But if I’m not, I know who is or where to find the right Maine Guide.  And check here for just what is a guide.

For instance, maybe you’d like to try hunting for wild game but the hunting magazines and the Outdoor Channel have made you feel that it’s for rugged outdoor types in sponsored vests who talk guns, smell like Skunk-Off, and eat moose jerky and duck eggs for breakfast.  If you don’t need a trophy rack to bring home but just want to experience a Maine hunt, kill or no kill, let us suggest something.

We invite you to try us for other activities such as the following:

rock hounding, fossil hunting for brachiopods,
outdoor photography,
insect hunting (entomology),
flora and fauna,
remote natural wonders,
remote historical sites,
canoeing, kayaking,
primitive camping (tenting, etc.),
“luxury” camping (lakeside cottage with conveniences),
hiking with a naturalist

HUNTING (with proper licenses)
deer, moose, turkey, ruffed grouse

firearm familiarization (different types of guns),
firearm/hunting safety,
target practice

lake or river,
boat/canoe or shore

If you’re not familiar with most wilderness pursuits, consider combining a number of the above activities into a trip you design for yourself.  Combine some canoeing or boating with some fossil hunting and outdoor photography, add some fishing and finish off with some target practice using a variety of firearms.

most wintertime pursuits (guiding anyway),
swift water canoeing or whitewater rafting (but there’s the New England Outdoor Center for that),
bear hunting,

Note that we only have limited opportunities from spring through fall each year.

Consider the opportunity to take a trip on foot, by water, or by road starting from any of several base locations in the West Branch region (Millinocket area) or Lincoln Lakes region.  We also recommend our friends at Eagle Lodge for traditional accommodations and meals.

For another kind of outdoor adventure altogether, visit New England Outdoor Center on the web.